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The Worst Gifts You've Ever Been Given

We like to think of ourselves as gifting oficianados. It's what we do. But sometimes, you get given something and have this think "this is absolute sh*t". Yes, you feel embarrassed that you were so ungrateful and yes, it's the thought that counts. But hell, why would anyone want a phone charger that doubles as an ashtray?

We went on the hunt for the best bad gifts people have ever been given. We're not saying there's not a place for rubbish gifts - just don't expect them to push the boat out with you next time round!

Rubbish gift example #1: dead duck

Taken from this Mumsnet discussion .

They say:

"A duck.
Dead, with bullet holes, but otherwise whole. Beak, feathers, feet, the lot.
Luckily, ex was pretty good at plucking etc, so it made really tasty roast duck a few days later. Was very odd though!"

We say:

Potentially quite handy! Unless you're a vegetarian. Last we heard, you can't get Quorn with the led still in it.

Rubbish gift example #2: a dollar. In individual penny coins. Individually wrapped

Taken from this buzzfeed article.

They say:

"My grandma is a little different and one year she decided it would be a fun idea to wrap 100 pennies individually and give them to me as a gift. After opening five or so of them I decided to be done. My grandma however did not let that happen and threw a fit for me to finish. Long story short, and 100 unwrapped pennies later, I got a whole whoppin’ dollar for my birthday."

We say:

Wow! We love your Grandma. The thought of her sitting there wrapping each of these individually is a) hilarious and b) a little depressing. The thought of her throwing a strop because you wouldn't open them all: priceless. At least she taught you the value of a dollar.

Rubbish gift example #3: a mankini (for an obese man)

We found this here.

They say:

"A turquoise man-kini. I am 60 years old and weigh 250 pounds."

We say:

Hilarious. Picture or it didn't happen.