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Winter Cocktail Gift Sets

Carefully curated winter gift sets for anybody who loves a tipple. We find the perfect spices for each classic cocktail then measure out their ideal quantities so you can give the gift of a perfect mixology experience.

Hot Toddy

The warming winter classic. An uplifting blend of whisky, honey and fine spices. Hand-selected by our expert botanists and sorted into the perfect quantities for an exquisite cocktail.

Mulled Wine

The unmistakeable scent of Christmas. The welcoming waft of cinnamon from a warm pan of mulled wine bubbling on the stove. This gift set contains all the fine spices needed to make several servings of our festive favourite.

Winter Gin

Discover a gin cocktail even more refreshing than your favourite G&T. Hand-selected spices including exotic Star Anise, uplifting Cinnamon and invigorating Cloves. Perfect for any gin drinker.