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Why You Should Use A Moustache Comb

Everybody knows that a man with a great moustache is the most virile, interesting and sophisticated man in the room. He is a leader. A telented communicator. A commanding presence. Unless his moustache is unkempt, in which case he's lazy, feckless. The type of scruff you might cross the street to avoid.

This is why the best moustachio'd men carry a moustache comb with them at all times. After each meal, blustery walk or drink of coffee; he subtly retires to a mirror to correct the angle and flow of his 'tache. But, as I'm sure you've guessed, one does not simply select the hair comb from his dresser. A moustache comb is a specific tool. Designed for a specific job. To use a hair comb on the top lip is akin to affixing a Picasso to the wall of a gallery with a sledgehammer.

How to select your moustache comb

There are key things to look for when selecting the perfect moustache comb. Size is an obvious factor. You're going to take it everywhere. It must fit discreetly into your pocket. We have even seen some (admittedly over dressed) men pull the moustache comb from the breast pocket of a tailored suit. The size of the teeth and the gaps between them are another important factor to consider. Fine teeth, while the traditional choice for your hair, will pull and irritate the moustache. Instead, a more open tooth will guide your moustache into shape, not tug at it. Finally, material is a surprisingly important factor. The metal comb has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Its rigidity helps to combat food and pollutants nestles within the hair, whilst the contemporary style fits perfectly with modern urban life.

Where to buy a moustache comb

You could pick up a moustache comb from your local male grooming store. In case your town doesn't have one, you could try asking your barber. They might have some hidden away in one of those drawers that they never seem to open. Alternatively, click here to order one with our fantastic Moustache Grooming Kit. This kit contains your moustache comb, a pair of perfectly sized moustache scissors, some wax (to help achieve the perfect twist) and comes in a reassurringly sturdy Bauhaus inspired presentation and storage tin.