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Why you need to clean your vinyl

Any vinyl aficionado will have cleaned their collection at some point. It can be a frustrating process - trying hard not to drag any specs of dirt across the disc and causing any scratches.

If it’s such a risky and stressful thing to do, why do vinyl records need to be cleaned at all? The answer, it turns out, is quite simple:

Dirty vinyl damages your record player and all your other discs.

Think of it like this:

  1. Dirt, grit or dust gets into a groove.
  2. The stylus picks it up when the turntable spins.
  3. Every millimeter your disc is spinning, that contaminant is scoring the grooves of the record and wearing out your stylus.
  4. You switch to a different record and drop the needle. Now the contaminant (still on the needle) is wearing this record out as well!

Before you know it, you’ve damaged your whole collection.

Grab this professional vinyl cleaning kit: