Why all men should be wearing cufflinks – Men's Society

To some, they might seem a bit old-man-esque but trust us, cufflinks are an essential part of your formal attire. Wearing a button-cuffed shirt is synonymous with having a go at adult life. It's a bit like a clip-on tie. Sure, you're wearing a tie but you may as well not have bothered.

For men in corporate jobs, their cufflinks might be their only show of individuality. Sure, you might wear a slightly vibrant tie on Friday but you still keep it within some very boring guidelines. Yet with your cufflinks, you can smash through the bland barriers of corporate life and thrust your personality front and centre. 

So what to choose? Since this is your one shot at saying "here I am. This is me. The man beneath the suit" - you want to choose a pair that reflect your core beliefs. Novelty superhero 'links might seem amusing to you, but they're a wasted opportunity.

Why not wear your ambition on your wrists? This brass plated pair are engraved with the words "brave" and "true". They tell the world around you that you are a man to be trusted, respected and admired. The glint of golden yellow from beneath your suit jacket is just enough to project an air of success, but not so much as to be brash.