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Wholesale Sneaker Cleaning Kits and Accessories

Perfect for sneaker stores and on-trend outlets. We've been making and selling sneaker cleaning kits and accessories since 2012. Your customers will recognise us from some of the world's most exciting stores.

Wholesale sneaker cleaning kits

Make the most of the wholesale pricing on our best-selling sneaker cleaning kit. Developed with scientists for maximum cleaning power without fading or damaging the sneakers. Plus, we can supply stink spray and sneaker protection essentials (including high tech repellant spray for home use).

No minimum or maximum orders

We are as happy working with small independents as we are with large orders. That's why we don't enforce minimum or maximum order quantities. All we ask is that you order in multiples of six.

Download a catalogue (no pressure to order!)

Please just answer these quick questions, then we'll take you straight to the catalogue.

One of our most popular sneaker cleaning kits:

Wholesale Sneaker Cleaning Kits and Accessories