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Wholesale Gifts For Her

If you're looking for quality, desirable, handmade and natural wholesale gifts for her, we can help. Our dedicated team of botanists and craftspeople create a range of gifts for her that's sold in some of the most desirable shops in the world. Don't worry - that doesn't mean high prices! It just means that we care about every ingredients and component of every gift we make and sell.

We don't have minimum (or maximum) orders and your dedicated account manager will make this the easiest order you've ever made... whether you're order 6 units or 600,000.

Some of our best sellers:

The history of our range:

Apothecary Department is more than just skincare and gifts, it is a philosophy. We believe that for a true sense of wellbeing, everything in life needs to work in harmony. Just as we each have different characteristics in our personalities - our skin has different needs. With this in mind, we have created Apothecary Department to cater for each of these needs, creating positive products that help to balance and motivate during our daily routines. To use Apothecary Department is to indulge and uplift the soul.

Our skin absorbs all that is put upon it, it is therefore essential we feed our skin with only the finest botanical ingredients. In crafting each of our bespoke treatments, we have to carefully balance each element, being sure to combine the essential vitamins; minerals and botanicals needed to help nourish and feed the skin, whilst blending scents that uplift and energise and soul.

Each of our artisan products are made by hand, in a tiny village, within the rolling hills of the Norfolk countryside. We manufacture in small, fresh batches, which we believe is integral to the fundamental benefits of using natural products, as the ingredients can be as potent and active as possible to maximize its ability to nurture the body, skin and mind.

Put simply, Apothecary Department is how we believe gifting should be, honest, uplifting and indulgent.


No. But we do sell in multiples of 6. So as long as you buy 6 of something, you're fine.

Yes! In fact some of our longest-running customers are small boutiques.

Yes, absolutely. Plus, our lead times are much shorter than you'd expect - even for large orders. We can discuss this when we first speak.

We've got a fancy wholesale website. You can manage your entire order on there - from browsing products to finalising your order. You'll need to register first (which is free, don't worry).

Yes, no problem at all. Please fill in this form and we'll send you everything you need: