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Wholesale Festival Products and Gifts

Looking for wholesale festival products and gifts? We've got the perfect range for you. From body glitter to camping essentials, you'll have a bigger crowd around your stall than the main stage. Ok, maybe not. But your customers will love them.

Wholesale festival glitter.

Our festival range includes a collection of body glitter sets. We have kits for the whole body, from glitter hair to glitter bits. The glitter in our kits was selected by cosmetic experts to keep it irritant free. Your customers stick it on with our softening body oil (not glue!) so they're treating their skin to natural goodness whilst revelling.

Stock the Festival Survival Kit.

One of our best selling accessories of all time, the Festival Survival Kit contains a multitool, poncho, toothbrush, toothpaste and ear plugs. It retails at £25 and never fails to be a hit.

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One of our popular glitter kits:

Wholesale Festival Products and Gifts