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Where To Place A Tie Clip

Tie clips aren't just there to look sophisticated (although they undoubtedly do). They were invented to stop a gentleman's tie from catching the wind and flapping around in a wild and undignified manner. The rear of the clip slides through the opening between two buttons on the wearer's shirt. This is an often neglected practice in the modern age, with many men simply clipping the back section of tie to the front, and using the accessory purely for its aesthetic value.

The golden rules of wearing a tie clip:

  1. Always attach the clip to the shirt beneath. A tie clip flapping - disconnected from the shirt - is the sign of a man who does not know how to dress himself.
  2. The tie clip attaches between the third and fourth buttons down.
  3. The tie clip should never be wider than the actual tie. It looks ridiculous.

How to choose a tie clip:

The clip should compliment the outfit. It should not dominate it. Flashing tie clips, charicatures or other novelty accessories have no place in on a gentleman's front. If you want to be "edgy", stick to amusing cufflinks. Fewer people see them.

This is the perfect tie clip. Designed in New York by the design house Izola, its sophisticated colouring and sturdy build quality mean it compliments any outfit a gentleman might wear:


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