What to pack for a business trip or weekend away | Men's Society

Short business trips or weekends away can be tricky to pack for. Do you go for a bulky suitcase or can you make do with a satchel or backpack? In most cases, the latter is far more appropriate.

For clothing, a couple of shirts (avoid anything cotton as this creases easily in your bag), one pair of formal trousers, formal shoes, an informal top and a few days' worth of underwear are all you need to pack. You can wear informal clothing whilst travelling to lighten the packing load.

So now that question is answered, we can focus on the hardware and accessories that you're definitely going to need.

Business trip essentials

Bag - We love this one from Utility Canvas, its a beautiful waxed canvas. Made in the USA. 

Laptop - We take a cheap Chromebook. yeah, we love a Mac. But lose it, drop it, pour coffee on it and you'll be in tears. So we always travel with these offerings from ASUS & Google. They're brilliant. Cheap and light. 

Pen - Never be caught without one. The pen pictured is a sample that we received from a US business that makes motorcycle parts. Its solid brass, unique and we love it. 

Iphone Charger - don't forget it. Or you'll be trying to buy a replacement at the airport and then you'll be charged a flipping fortune.

Stow Away Travel Kit - This is everything you'll need to stay feeling (and smelling) fresh.

Money, money, money - We have an American Express for emergencies - paying local fixers, etc. And for everything else a Revolut card. This is an amazing card - it allows you transfer funds at a spot rate, and you can top it up, do transfers etc, all on the app. 

Headphones - These Sennheisers are the best headphones we've ever tried. Makes any journey a bit more bearable. Of course, technology progress means that our phones don't have a headphone jack... so if you forget the adaptor then they're just a huge pair of ornamental headphones.

Sunglasses - anyone fancy a sweepstake on how long it will be before you've lost these? 

Ibuprofen - There's nothing like a headache to throw you off your game. 

Business Cards - a classic one to forget.

Sneaker Wipes - Imagine the gunk your shoes could collect on your travels. If you want to stay looking smart from top to toe, these are an essential