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Vinyl Record Store Wholesale Supplies

Your customers will love our range of vinyl record store wholesale supplies. Whether they're after a gift for a music-obsessed loved one, or a handy accessory for their own collection, we've got something for your shop. Don't worry, we don't ask for minimum orders - plus, there's no maximum order either. So whether you're order 6 units or 600,000; our dedicated account managers will definitely be able to help.

Vinyl record store wholesale supplies

Some of our best sellers:


No, we don't ask for a minimum order. But we do sell in multiples of 6. So as long as you buy 6 of something, you're fine.

Yes! In fact some of our longest-running customers are small boutiques.

Yes, absolutely. Plus, our lead times are much shorter than you'd expect - even for large orders. We can discuss this when we first speak.

We've got a fancy wholesale website. You can manage your entire order on there - from browsing products to finalising your order. You'll need to register first (which is free, don't worry).

Yes, no problem at all. Please fill in this form and we'll send you everything you need: