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Ultimate gift for the Best Man

Gift ideas for the Best Man at a wedding are few and far between.

“Best man” cufflinks? Cheesy.

“Best man” pint glass? It’ll get broken at the reception.

Other than that, what options have you got? Well, here’s a cracker: why not get him something that will actually help him on the big day?

Shock horror, it’s actually quite stressful being a best man. He’s got to keep the lucky man on track through the most nervous day of his life; he’s got to keep guests in check after far too many drinks and heaven forbid he loses the rings…

Luckily, most bases are covered by the Men’s Society Groomsman Survival Kit.

It’s got:

Emergency Wedding Ring.

Things happen. Rings get lost. Best to have a backup.

Manly Hankie.

Big boys do cry when they're getting married. Wipe away those tears.

Stainless steel Pocket Comb.

He's got to look good in the photos!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste 30ml.

The bride's got to want to kiss him at the altar.

Shoe Cleaning Fluid (50ml) and Cloth.

To keep his shoes in perfect condition.

For £25, this kit could be a day-saver.

Groomsman Survival Kit