Trainer Cleaning Kit - how to clean your trainers – Men's Society

Trainer cleaning is a chore. But if you want your footwear to look box fresh, you need to invest five minutes every so often to keep them looking their best. Want to keep the job as easy as possible? Grab yourself a Sneaker Cleaning Kit and follow these 5 easy steps; they'll be looking amazing in no time.

Step 1: Pour Sneaker Cleaning Fluid over the top of the shoes

You don't need much. This stuff is expertly formulated to shift even the toughest dirt from your footwear. Make sure you don't get any inside the actual shoe. It won't do any damage but it will give you a soggy foot (which nobody needs in their life!).

Step 2: Brush off the mud

Using the soft side of the specialist brush in your Sneaker Cleaning Kit, gently wipe across the shoe. It will work on any material (even mesh) so don't worry too much - but don't press down hard. The pressure won't help the process and you don't want to score any of the detailing.

Step 3: Pour Sneaker Cleaning Fluid over the soles

Granted, you might not care quite as much about the soles of your shoes but it's nice to keep them as clean as possible. The fluid will break down dirt quickly, even the stuff between the tread of your trainers.

Step 4: Scrape out the dirt

Using the metallic bristle side and the pointled edges of the brush in your Sneaker Cleaning Kit, flick any residual dirt from the tread and soles of your shoes. It shouldn't take long, the fluid will break through it all pretty quickly.

Step 5: Hold your head high

Wear your kicks with pride. They look great.