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When you shave; a blade, or a group of blades, is dragged across your skin - tearing through the hairs growing from it. Straight razors cut so closely that they actually remove at least one layer of skin from your face in the process.

So. How much thought do you put into your shaving foam selection? "Oh good, this is on offer. I'll grab this one". WRONG.

What you need is a cream that soothes your skin; protecting it from the blade as well as any germs trying to enter your system in the process. That's why we created our Lemon & Thyme Shave Cream

The two headline ingredients were chosen very carefully, by expert botanists, and are blended by hand.


This herb has a fascinating history. The ancient Egyptians first noted its preservative properties and utilised it in the sacred embalming process. The Greeks found solace in its soothing scent and burned it as incense in their temples. 

Now, from Greek Gods to Great Britain, we use it in our shave cream. We love it for both of those reasons, but also for its incredible antibacterial nature. This means that it protects you from any bacteria trying to enter your face if you accidentally cause any cuts during the process. So, those spots on your face that are caused by bacteria entering the skin could actually be reduced by using a shave cream formulated with the herb.

Lemon oil.

This essential oil works wonders for your body and your mind. No only is it also anti-bacterial (as well as anti-fungal) but have been scientifically shown to improve mood and mental alertness.

A study by the Ohio State University showed that the scent of lemon oil increased the levels of norepinephrine in the brain - a chemical which increases levels of happiness.

Shave with our Lemon & Thyme Shave Cream and you'll pay less.

When you order our shave cream - we'll send you a discount code so you never need to pay full price again. 

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