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These vegan sneakers are made of mushrooms

Vegan shoes

Vegans, rejoice - your shoes are now cooler than everyone else's. These sneakers are made of actual mushrooms. And no, they're not flimsy; they don't fall apart and they're not smelly. They're just seriously funky footwear. They're made by a vegan brand called Nat-2 and they take two years to make. The sneakers aren't just vegan - they're also organic, free from chemicals and anti-bacterial. The makers also say they're gluten free; which seems a bit pointless. Good talking point, though.

As you'd expect from something this natural, making these sneakers isn't an easy process. First, the fungi (fancy name for mushrooms) has to be harvested. That means teasing them by hand from the bark of dying Birch and Beech trees. Then they're left to dry for two years before being processed into the "vegan leather" that's used to make these shoes.

They're unconventional but we think these shoes look great. They probably won't come cheap (the company haven't announced a price yet) but we'd rather spend a few hundred pounds on these than a pair of Yeezys.