James Dean. David Beckham. Johnny Depp. Elvis. Cool men have Pompadours.James Dean

It's the sweeping hairstyle of the sophisticated man. Perfectly combining the look of effortless class, with the the suggestion that he cares enough about his appearance to try, but not enough to spend hours trying too hard.

There's almost no occasion that the pompadour wouldn't suit and no man it won't look brilliant on. Unless he's bald. Then you'll need to grab him a pompadour wig.

Quick history lesson.

Madam PompadourThe style is named after a lady called Madam Le Pompadour. She was French King Louis XV's mistress. Maybe it was her awesome hair that attracted him to her in the first place?

We can't guarantee the style will help you get extra-marital with royalty. Sorry.

In case you hadn't notices, she was a lady. It was a primarily female haircut for hundreds of years until, fairly recently, men decided to grab a piece of the action as well. Now it looks just as good on Rihanna as it does on Brad Pitt.

What makes a great pompadour?Elvis Presley

Well, it sort of depends on your face but here are some pointers:

 - It needs to be swept back at the front.

 - It should flick to a point, either to one side or facing up.

 - The thicker the hair, the better. A bit of extra hair wax should help the thinner haired gent.

Other than that, use your imagination! Grab some top notch hair wax (we really like this one) and let your imagination go wild!

Not got time to craft one for yourself?

No problem. Grab one of these!