Taming the monobrow - how to shape your eyebrows (for men) – Men's Society

We all know a man with a monobrow. You're picturing him right now. That guy you can't look in the eyes... your gaze wanders north to the oppressive black line along the bottom of his forehead.

Don't get us wrong; prominent brows are not always a bad thing. They look great on Cara Delevigne. But if you're more super-slug than super-model, heed this advice and we'll have that perma-frown back in its place in no time.

Remember: not everyone suits sleek, well groomed brows. Try to strike the balance. It's far easier to take some more hairs off than to put them back on again!

Get the gear

It's tempting to just grab your razor shave a line between your brows. It's difficult to explain how terrible an idea that is. Put. The Bic. Down.

The bare minimum you need are a good set of tweezers and some scissors. Since you're putting the effort in anyway, you may as well do the job properly. Get our Perfect Pair Eyebrow Grooming Kit.

Be brave

There's no beating about the bush (pun intended), tweezing hurts. It's not a lingering pain, but for those few seconds, you'll be ready to cry.

It's probably best to do it when you're home alone. Nobody needs to hear you scream.

Follow these rules:

Shape them all around.
Don't just separate them down the middle. Give them a bit of shape. Remember, they don't want to be too thick but don't make them too thin if you can help it.
The outside edge of each brow should be inline with the outside edge of your eye socket.

Keep them symmetrical.
You really don't want odd shapes. They will not look good.
While we're on this - think twice before shaving or plucking lines into them. It wasn't great when you were a child and it's definitely not OK now.

Divide them down the middle.
The width of the bald skin between the brows should be at least the width of the bridge of your nose. 

Trim any straddlers.
This is just about neatening things up. Any hairs hanging over the edge could do with a quick trim. Nothing drastic - you're not Nicky Clarke.

After that, you should be good for about a month. The good news is that the more often you do this, the better it gets. You'll have steadier hands and a more experienced technique.