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Refreshing hip flask recipes for summer

Whether you're going hiking or just for a relaxing day in the sun, a well filled hip flask is the perfect accompaniment. Not only does it ooze class, but get it right and it tastes damn good. Tradition dictates that you fill your flask with whiskey and a drop of water. That's fine if you're a malt connoseur but for those who prefer something a bit more palatable, we've put together a few delicious hip flask recipes.

Quick note: if none of this takes your fancy, read our older article: Three Deliciously Simple Hip Flask Cocktail Recipes.

The fruity Woo Woo

Not the manliest of drinks. But on a hot day in the sun, it's undeniably delicious. If you've got a sweet tooth, this Woo Woo recipe is for you. Just pour it into your hip flask ( use a funnel; don't waste a drop) and thank us later.

You'll need:

1 part peach Schnapps.

1 part vodka.

4 parts cranberry juice.

Mixing instructions:

This hip flask cocktail really couldn't be easier to make. Funnel the Schnapps and vodka into the flask. Chase it with your cranberry juice. Screw the cap on and give your flask a good shake.

The refreshing Mojito

It's minty, cooling and great in the sun. The classic Mojito (pronounced mo-he-toe) is served with a sprig of mint leaf on top. If you're drinking this from a hip flask, you might want to skip that little flourish - they're a nightmare to get back out again!

You'll need:

1 part white rum.

1 part lime juice.

3 parts soda water.

Mint leaves.

A teaspoon of sugar.

A mixing jug.

A rolling pin.

Mixing instructions:

This isn't one that you can easily mix in your flask. You're going to need to make this one in a jug then funnel it in. If you're clever - you can make too much in the jug and then be forced to enjoy a glass of it before you head out. Simply pour the rum, lime juice and soda water into your jug. Then crush the mint leaves in your hands and drop them in. ​​​​​​Use the end of your rolling pin to crush the leaves and mix it all together. Finally, fish out your crushed mint leaves and funnel the drink into your flask.

For a unique twist, crush up some blueberries and add them to the mix.

The bracing apple whiskey cocktail

Since we're making these cocktails for a hip flask, it would be remiss to exclude whiskey. This is the spirit that the flask was made for. The apple and whiskey cocktail is an assault on your senses - but a kind of gentle assault. Think NERF gun rather than AK-47. It'll give you a shock, but you'll probably smile.

You'll need:

2 parts whiskey.

2 parts apple cider.

1 part simple syrup.

1 part lemon juice.

A blender.

Mixing instructions:

Another easy one. Pour everything into your blender and turn it on. Then funnel it into your hip flask. Tada.