Beard Grooming Advice: How to Know a Great Barber – Men's Society

The end of the year is the perfect time to re-consider different aspects of your life. While you may take this opportunity to think about your career and your love life, what about revamping your image as well? There is no better men’s gift than time to contemplate your chosen path. Is it time to take a new direction? Here are some questions to answer first:

Are You Chic or Shabby?

Do you suit the rough and ragged rocker style or are you more of an elegant gentleman? We all have different styles that suit us, but not every man takes the time to make that choice carefully. The best idea is to try out a few different approaches to see which suits you best. Will you do this alone at home or invite a trusted friend or two to help you out? Different styles abound and they each suit some but not others. A good starting point is to look at celebrities you admire and see who has a style that might work for you.

What Palette Are You?

In the same way, there are also likely to be a few colours that suit you best. This will depend upon factors such as your hair colour and skin tone. We all either have a warm or cool tone to our skin. The difference can be seen in things like the veins in your wrist (warm skin has green veins while they look purple or blue on cool-skinned people). This determines whether you should wear warm colours like red and orange or cool colours like blue and green. It will also help you decide between gold and silver jewellery, as gold is best on warm skin and silver on cool skin.

To Shave or Not to Shave?

One of the bigger decisions any guy has to make is whether to go clean-shaven or grow a beard. There is no doubt that beards are in fashion just now but, like putting up a tent and assembling a bonfire, it is something that, at some point in time, each man has to work out on by himself. But beard or not, windswept or well-groomed, we could all do with a helping hand once in a while. See our outdoors collection to help you pinpoint what kind of style might fit you best.

Can You Deliver It with Swagger?

No matter what style you eventually plump for, carrying it off with aplomb is the final point that you need to bear in mind. If you are nervous or lack confidence in your looks then this will shine through. Bearing that in mind, you should look to fully embrace your new style. So carry it off with a smile and a bit of a swagger if you want to impress those around you this New Year.