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Products For Concept Stores

Your concept store's customers will love our range of fun and innovative products. They're found in some of the most exciting and exclusive shops around the world. Don't worry, our optional own-branding service means that you can make any of our products your own.

Giftware to suit any concept

When you need stock for your concept store, you want to make sure it suits the style and theme of everything else you sell. Our extensive catalogue and stylish designs mean that you are guaranteed to find a range of Men's Society or Apothecary Department products that perfectly suit your needs. If you're still unsure, your dedicated account manager will be able to make suggestions or answer any questions.

Designed for the Instagram generation

Your Instagram feed will look even more exciting once you add our products to your shelves. Our distinctive style is designed to be eye catching from every angle. With rugged metal packaging standing out in every picture, your followers will like and comment on every picture they see.

Concept store products with an exciting story to tell

Our products each tell two stories. The story of the person who uses them and the story of the people who make them. Each of our gifts and accessories is made by hand in the stunning flatlands of rural coastal norfolk. Our army of artisans and botanists mix, blend, test, shape, style, assemble and package all of our products to the impeccable standards you expect. Each product proudly displays the handmade qualities and rugged design that we have become known for.

No minimum orders

We're proud to work with retailers of all sizes. If you don't have much storage space or don't have the budget to place large orders, that's fine! We don't impose minimum order numbers. So whether you want six or sixty thousand units, you'll get the same first class service from your dedicated account manager.

You can also email us at or call +44 (0)1406 362633.

Some of our best sellers:


No. But we do sell in multiples of 6. So as long as you buy 6 of something, you're fine.

Yes! In fact some of our longest-running customers are small boutiques.

Yes, absolutely. Plus, our lead times are much shorter than you'd expect - even for large orders. We can discuss this when we first speak.

We've got a fancy wholesale website. You can manage your entire order on there - from browsing products to finalising your order. You'll need to register first (which is free, don't worry).

Yes, no problem at all. Please fill in this form and we'll send you everything you need: