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Own-Branded & Co-Branded Products

High quality, eye catching products that can be own-branded and co-branded to match your company style. Our expert designers can work with you (or completely on their own) to customise your products entirely. We're happy to sign NDAs from the very beginning, so nobody will every know that your products aren't being made by you.

Your great brand, our unique expertise

Your brand is important to you. The quality of our products is important to us. It's a match made in heaven. We've been own-branding and co-branding products since 2012 for luxury brands, exclusive events and recognisable high street names. We're happy to work with your designers or make our own design team available to you. Alternatively, we can use your logo, fonts and colour scheme to complete the design ourselves and send everything over to you for approval.

Whichever option you choose, we make sure you love your design before we go into production.

Promote your event with branded gifts for guests

As well as being best-sellers in shops, our products make excellent gifts for guests at events. By gifting your guests with something they'll keep on their shelves and use every day, you're certain to make a lasting impression. It could be keeping leads engaged, maintaining existing relationships or fostering relationships with journalists / influencers. Whatever your motives, our own-branded and co-branded products make a great addition to your event's line-up.

Stunning products with a proven track record

It's not just own-branding where our products shine. You might recognise our Men's Society and Apothecary Department marques from the shelves of Harrods, Selfridges, Saks Fifth Avenue, John Lewis or one of over four thousand other stores around the world. All of our products are made by hand in England by dedicated artisans and botanists. These are not throw-away trinkets. We create items of quality, designed to foster immediate sentimental value for the reciepient.

We'd love to discuss your needs

Please complete this brief form. One of our team of dedicated account managers will be in touch within one working day to discuss how we can work together. All Men's Society and Apothecary Department products are available for own-branding and co-branding. Please download a catalogue if you'd like to see the products we create.