Men's Society develop apocalypse-busting toy

Because why shouldn’t dystopian terror be fun?

Your iPhone will be wrecked. There will be no power to use your DVD player or PlayStation. Monopoly will be out of the question because a family argument in a life and death situation would be an absolute disaster.

Luckily, the plucky Brits at Men’s Society have your back. They’ve developed a mind-blowing game designed to survive a zombie apocalypse, nuclear fallout or even a meteor strike.

No batteries. No moving parts. No flimsy materials. The Tiger Tower is old-fashioned fun for the post-apocalyptic age.

The rules are simple: players take it in turns to balance as many wooden sticks as they can on the wooden tiger’s back. This is guaranteed to burn through the hours in even the most basic of survival shelters.  

The real genius is, of course, that the wooden sticks could easily be used as a weapon in the case of a zombie invasion. Even the nastiest of Walkers would recoil at the thought of one of these in the eye.

You owe it to your family to prepare for their inevitable demise. Get your apocalypse-proof Tiger Tower here for just £10 ($12.98).

Tiger Tower