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Men's Skincare Tips

You’re surrounded by it, in fact you are pretty much wrapped up in it; yet every single day you fail to acknowledge this fact and almost go out of your way to ignore it. What are we talking about, why skin of course.

When was the last time you actively took care of your skin? Do you even have a proper men’s shaving kit? There is a lot more to skincare than you might have ever envisaged or even thought about. That isn’t what is putting you off though is it, no. What’s putting you off is that you have never done it before, so why do it now. Well, simply, it’s time for a change. Here we will look at basic skincare advice that will make you feel better about yourself and will also be appreciated, and moreover noticed, by others. Sounds good right, so where do we start?

Changing Habits

No longer is it ok to fall from your bed, rub soap on your face and be done. It may have “worked” for all of your life, but things could be working better. It is time to form new habits, and lose the bad ones too. Just give it a go, you never know, you just might enjoy it.


Start to wash your face with a good cleanser. Soap can age skin in appearance, making it dry and “old”, whereas cleanser will still remove the dirt and grime, and at the same time keep the facial skin hydrated meaning no harsh after effect. You weren’t looking to achieve the old handbag look I hope…

Cut Throat

The razor, a marketing department’s dream right? More blades, moisturising strips etc. But what can ruin any men’s shaving kit is a cheap razor. Remember in life, if someone seems too good to be true, it probably is, and cheap razors are just that, cheap. Blades dull quickly, so change them more often, using dull blades means more strokes, more nicks and more botched cover-ups…

Shave post shower or indeed in it as the warm water softens the bristles. Use a quality gel to complement the razor. Part of a quality men’s shaving kit is the brush, go again for quality and it will last as long as needed.

If you’re thinking about great gifts for men, why not a quality razor, it will last a lifetime (though of course not the blades), will feel great and will give a clean and close shave every time. No men’s shaving kit should be without one.


A pretty basic name, almost a direction, but often one you pay little attention too. Use the tester bottles instore to find the right scent and if you are not certain, try one and wander around for a while as scents can change over time. Take a partner or friend who’ll be honest and match the scent to yourself. Whilst this may not mean believing the blurb on the box, do not go too masculine, bold etc. if that just isn’t you. Make them alcohol free, you know why…


Far too often ignored, but more than often needed. If you want a dry scaly face, don’t use it; if you prefer a soft kissable face, well that’s easy isn’t it.

Sun Cream

Sun burn is damage, the skin peels and flakes. With the proper sun cream you are not only preserving the flexibility and stretchiness of the skin and its moisture content, but you are also protecting it, and indeed you, from the sun’s harmful rays. Always wear it, skin cancer isn’t welcome anywhere.

These are just some very basic ideas and tips for improving your skincare regime. You need one after all. You’ve spent far too long abusing your own skin, and it is now time to give it a little love and attention. Also, these elements can form the basis of great gifts for men, such as a bespoke and useful men’s shaving kit, with personalised scent etc. The possibilities are endless. Better still, do not wait for someone else to buy the gift, treat yourself. After all this time, both you and your skin thoroughly deserve it.