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Manicure kit for men

It would take a very secure man to stroll into a nail salon and stick their hands under those strange blue lights. For the rest of us, there is still hope. Check out this manicure kit for men. It's got everything in it to make your hands look professionally groomed (without having to be brave and book into a salon).

Why men should manicure

The state of your fingers might not be your biggest priority, but you should pay some thought to them. If you're the type of person that likes to dress up and make an effort, a well manicured set of fingers could be the final thing to finish off the outfit. Why wear an obscenely expensive shirt and your best trousers if you're only going to let yourself down on closer inspection? Not only that - and we don't mean to be gross - but if you've got dirt and grime under your fingernails, who knows what nasties are breeding in there. Nobody is going to want those fingers anywhere near them.

A little effort goes a long way

It doesn't take long to make your nails look amazing. All you need is a manicure kit and a spare few minutes. Here's how to get your nails looking fantastic:

Step 1: Give your nails a trim

Use your clippers and follow the shape of the white line at the ends of your nails. Don't trim them too short just yet.

Step 2: Buff them into shape

Grab your nail files and file down the ends of your nails until they're a nice, smooth shape.

Step 3: Trim away the hang nails

Ever get those horrible bits of skin that hang off your fingers? Feel free to give thema trim.