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Welcome to the exclusive society of small-batch gin producers.

Great gin is subjective. Why compromise to somebody else's taste when you can easily produce your own home-made gin that you know you adore? This recipe will create what we consider to be the perfect gin. The beauty of making it yourself is that you can modify the recipe slightly every time you make it until it's just spot on for you.

Get yourself a generic vodka

Pick up a 750ml bottle of mid-level, unflavoured vodka. It doesn't need to be expensive stuff - it won't make any difference in the end.

Add juniper berries

You could pick your own, buy fresh organic berries or use the individually selected, purposefully grown berries in the Homemade Gin Kit.

Add the berries to your bottle, seal it up, shake it and leave it in a cool, dark place for 24 hours.

Add botanical blend

After 24 hours, funnel in a botanical blend. You could create your own using wild botanicals (which is a lot of work) or use our perfect blend - prepared for you in the Homemade Gin Kit.

Shake it again and leave for 12 hours.

Strain the gin

Using a funnel and strainer (included in the Homemade Gin Kit), strain the gin into a glass bottle (also included).

Your gin will be characterised by a beautiful golden hue. This is the natural colour of gin, but it's often filtered out by commercial gin makers.

Enjoy your gin!

We're sure we don't need to tell you how to do that...

Need to top up?

You can get refill kits for your homemade gin kit here.