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Luxury Hotel Amenities

Delight your guests with these luxury hotel amenities from Apothecary Department and Men's Society. Fill their stay with nice little surprises, from when they use the luxury bath and shower cosmetics, to when they turn off the lights and enjoy a Good Night Sleep Tight Kit. We can even personalise your ammeinities with your hotel's branding (we call this white labelling) so your guests enjoy a truly exclusive experience.

Unique Hotel Amenity Ideas

Of course, we can supply bath and shower creams and washes. These are all mixed by us using premium natural ingredients to create a vuluptious blend of opulent joy. However, we can help you provide a much more exciting solution for your guests. Why not sit a Reset and Restore Pamper Kit upon a bedside cabinet or a Shoe Polishing Kit within the wardrobe? The Smooth Operator Shave Set will please your male guests if made available before the bathroom mirror.

Naturally, the opions don't end there. Please feel free to browse our catalogue and tell us of anything which catches your imagination. Alternatively, if you have exciting ideas of your own, our experienced team will be able to accommodate without hesitation.

See The Difference In Your Online Ratings

These memorable hotel amenities are designed to delight. Your guests are certain to share the excitement in the online reviews of their stay. Our award-winning designers ensure that each item will look fantastic on social media as they take impressive photos of your stunning accommodartion.

Made And Mixed By Hand, For Perfect Quality Every Time

All of our products are created by an expert team of experienced botanists on the beautiful coastline of rural Norfolk, England. Not only does this provide an air of exclusivity. It also means that we can assess each drop of our cosmetics for texture, colour and overall experience at every step of the process. When using pure, natural ingredients, this allows you to guarantee a smile from each guest.

Branded For You

If you would like all of your amenities to carry your hotel's exclusive brand, our team of in-house designers can oblige. All of your bottles, tins and labels can carry your hotel's branding, colours and literature. So your guests know you care about every individual detail of their stay.

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