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How To Stop A Beard From Itching

New beards are itchy. It’s a fact. The good news is that eventually the itching will go. The better news is that you can help to soothe it even faster. Follow this quick guide and your itchy beard woes will be gone forever.

Why is stubble so itchy?

We get asked this question a lot. The answer is fairly multifaceted. Firstly, think of the new friction on the skin beneath the beard. If it’s not used to having all this hair growing out of it (without being shaved) then it’s an entirely new sensation. Suddenly there’s all this foliage rubbing on and irritating the skin.

You might not realise it but as you go through your day, your face moves a lot. There’s the obvious speaking movements but also head turns and tilts, chewing, drinking and even raising your eyebrows moves the skin around on your face. If all of a sudden there’s stubble pressed against it, there’s a lot of scratching happening on a frequent basis.

To make matters even worse, you start rubbing and scratching at it. This irritates the skin beneath even more. Over time, the more you scratch the worse it’s going to get. Eventually, you end up with red-raw skin beneath your soon-to-be wonderful beard. Never a good start to your new-found luck.

How do you stop stubble from itching?

To some extent, it’s going to itch a bit until it gets a bit longer. Your beard grows at half an inch per month so it should only take a few weeks until it settles down a bit. Until then, here’s what you should be doing:

Use beard oil

Ok, so you don’t have a proper beard yet. But good beard oil will really sooth the skin. It helps by acting as a moisturiser and calming the irritation to the skin below. The advantage of using beard oil for this (rather than just conditioner) is that it’ll also soften the hairs to they’re less harsh on the skin below.

Wash your face

Obviously, you should be doing this anyway. But a well-washed face won’t just look better. It will help to calm the itch as well. Use an exfoliating face wash! It’ll clear away the dead skin, which will reduct flaking and ultimately the discomfort it leads to.