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How To Shave With Shaving Oil

Someone sent an email this afternoon asking us how to use the Shaving Oil in the Beard Removal Kit. It’s a fair question, so we’ve put together this quick guide to getting the perfect shave with Shaving Oil. Grab a Beard Removal Kit, select your favourite razor, fill your basin with hot water and follow this guide for the best shave of your life.

Why do people use Shaving Oil instead of Shaving Foam or Cream?

Two words. Smooth. Precision.

Shaving Foam and Cream are messy. They block your vision and allow stray hairs to hide. Ever shaved your face, cleaned the sink, packed away your razor and then found patches of stubble? That’s why we use Shaving Oil. It means you can see what you’re doing and where you’re doing it.

If your style means leaving some hair on your face (side-burns and moustaches - we’re looking at you), Shaving Oil is your new best friend. You’re going to get the most defined lines you’ve ever managed. You’ll see the target of every stroke. High definition style.

How do you shave with Shaving Oil?

Step 1: wash your face

A clean face is crucial when it comes to a great shave. Any dirt or impurities on the skin is a one-way ticket to pimple-ville. Even the sharpest razor and the most precise shave will inevitably cause tiny knicks in the skin occasionally. These microscopic cuts (as well as being annoying) are an entry point for germs. They’re a major contributor to spots caused by shaving.

Avoid them by washing your face thoroughly with hot (though not burning) water twice before you shave. You’ll never create a completely sterile environment, but this will make things as good as you’ll get. Never wash your face using your hands. That’s craziness. You’ll just transfer the germs and natural oils from your fingers into the pores you’re about to expose. Instead, use a clean flannel or the Expanding Face Towels found in our Beard Removal Kit. You can also grab them on their own here.

Step 2: apply hot water

Use a new flannel (or Expanding Face Towel) and apply hot - not burning - water to your face. This is hugely important to make the Shaving Oil work properly. It’s the fact that oil and water don’t mix that allows you to get such a fantastic shave. Here’s how it works:

The water on your face will repel the Shaving Oil, causing it to float on the surface. The oil then softens the hair, reducing snagging and allowing for a smoother finish. Once the razor moves across the skin, the Shaving Oil performs its secondary duty - to lubricate the blade as it passes across the skin.

Step 3: apply the oil

This is the only time in the process that you’re allowed to touch your face with bare hands. Rinse them first with fresh water and dry them thoroughly using a clean towel. Now, pour three drops of Shaving Oil onto your palm and rub the two palms together. You’re looking for an even distribution across both palms, without losing and oil to the gaps between your fingers. Rub this oil onto your face using flat palms. Again, aim for even distribution.

Step 4: the shave

This is why we’re here, right? Grab your favourite razor, position your mirror and let’s begin. Shave with short strokes, following the direction of the hair. Wipe the blade regularly to avoid a build-up of stubble over the leading edge. Remember that the direction of your stubble changes depending on the area of your face. Key areas to watch out for are the jawline, neckline and beneath the ears. You’ll know your face better than anyone so keep it slow and deliberate.

Some key pointers here: your moustache should be the last thing you shave. That’s because the hair here is tougher than elsewhere on your face. It’s more likely to congregate on your blade. Secondly, you’ll notice that we’ve only used a small amount of Shaving Oil in this process. This is a case of less is more. If you find an area on your face where the blade is dragging (assuming you’ve wiped the blade and it’s as sharp as you can get it), try adding some more water before you add more oil.

Step 5: the lotion

Happy with the shave? We prefer using oil to Shaving Foam or Cream. Grab your flannel and give your face a quick wash with cold water. This closes the pores after all that heat. Finally, apply a good Post-Shave Balm. This will sooth any irritation caused by the blade. There’s a great one in our Beard Removal Kit.

Why use our Beard Removal Kit?

A great shave requires three things: perfect technique, a high quality razor and first-class shaving products. Technique needs practice (following the guide above). Making high quality razors is an art form. You should always choose the best you can afford. It’s an investment in your appearance. First-class shaving products is where we come in.

We create all of our products by hand. We’re trained botanists; selecting, preparing and blending the perfect ingredients to create products that we think are second-to-none. Once you’ve tried any of our grooming sets, we’re sure you will agree.