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How To Shape Your Eyebrows
(for men)

Your big bushy monoborow is not a good look... sorry to be so blunt. Here's the good news: we've got just the thing to help you out! You don't have to pluck them down to thin whispy lines (in fact, we'd suggest that you don't) but a bit of shaping and maybe some trimming can go a very long way. If you really want your eyebrows to look great, you're going to need the right kit. Click here and grab one of these, then we'll begin.

Divide The Monobrow

Take your tweezers and hold them vertical. We're going to use them like a ruler to find out exactly where your eyebrows should end in the middle. Hold them against the side of your nose, so that the longer flat edge is against your nose. They're now drawing an imaginary line up to your monobrow. The point where the tweezers meet your brow is where it should end on that side. Do the same for the other side of your nose. You now know the point where your brows should split.

Time To Tweeze

All of the hair between those two points you just found needs to go. Advanced warning: this might get a bit sore. It will certainly leave a big red mark for a day or two. Probably don't do this immediately before an imporant event.

The trick here is to tweeze the hair without catching the skin. It's going to hurt anyway but pulling directly on the skin will make this a thousand times worse. Pull up your big boy pants and get plucking.

Not So Thick

Now, you've got two separate eyebrows. Congratulations! The problem is, they're like two thick black slugs on top of your eyes. It's time to tame those beasts.

You're going to use that master plucking technique you've just perfected. Nothing too drastic here, just take a millimeter or two off the tops and bottoms of your brows. If you're feeling really arty, taper them in a bit at the outside edges.

Remember, your eyebrows don't form a perfectly straight line. Try to keep a bit of shape on them (otherwise you'll look angry the whole time). But don't go too curvy or you'll look permanently surprised.

Depending on how bushy your brows are, you could trim them down a bit with a pair of scissors (a beard trimmer would probably be safer). This is a risky one. You're in danger of taking your eye out or cutting your brows too short. Do it at your own risk. Or don't do it at all. We wouldn't bother.