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How to make the perfect Gin & Tonic

We love a nice cold London Dry in the evening. Mixed with premium tonic and garnished with Star Anise and Hibiscus Flowers. It’s how gin is supposed to be enjoyed.

If you’ve been sloshing your gin into any old glass, glugging in some barely-chilled tonic and chugging it in one, you’ve been missing out on the magic of the drink. Don’t worry, we’ve got this down to a fine art. 

When it comes to gin, we know our Hendricks from our Tanquerey. We’ve spent many hours (and many, many glasses) perfecting the perfect G&T and we’re ready to share that secret with you. 

What makes our Gin Lover Kit the perfect gift or accessory for any Gin and Tonic drinker? Well, everything!

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The glasses

They’re the perfect shape for gin. High, straight walls and an open mouth - large enough for the perfect sized drink (with all the extras that make a G&T AMAZING) and sturdy enough to feel like every time you use them is an occasion. 

The extras

Sure, you could just plonk some tonic water and gin into the glass and call it a drink. Technically, it’s fine. It’s a bit boring, though. Gin is made to be mixed, added to and enjoyed in a cacophony of flavours. 

So, we sourced the finest Hibiscus Flowers (to add a fruity twist and turn the drink an amazing colour), the perfect Star Anise (they add sweetness and highlight the subtle flavours often lost in gin) and the grade of dried Juniper Berries that great gin is made of. Sprinkle a few of each into your glass and it sets your drink off beautifully.