How to keep your vinyl sounding great – Men's Society

Thriller, Back in Black, The Dark Side of the Moon. Where are your copies of the highest selling vinyl records of all time? Would they still sound as good now as the day you bought them?


Probably not. But they could be, with Men’s Society’s Vinyl Records Cleaning Kit.


There’s no denying that vinyl is the richest and most engaging medium for enjoying your favourite songs but it’s also one of the most fragile. Even if your records aren’t warped or scratched, you’re still at the mercy of dust particles and even the tiniest impurities causing friction and wear in the grooves.


Happily, the perfectionists at Men’s Society got fed up with their favourite copy of the Best of Shirley Bassey skipping just at the climax of Big Spender and decided to do something about it.


After a few months of toing and froing, they’ve come up with the ultimate vinyl record cleaning solution. It comes with professional vinyl cleaning fluid - deionised to protect your vinyl and perfectly formulated to remove dust and impurities. The kit also contains a stylus cleaner to help you go longer between changes and microfiber cloths to help you finish the job off properly.


The price of this musical saviour? £20. You’ll find it here.


It’s not secret that vinyl is experiencing a huge resurgence. Sales are at a 25 year high and an increasing number of stores are stocking LPs again. This kit is the perfect accessory for any analogue music lover - whether they’re rediscovering the format or about to spin their first disc.


Now, if you don’t mind, we’re climbing back onto the table to bust our moves to Diamonds Are Forever. We’re all very manly, I promise.