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How to clean your headphones or earphones

Cleaning your headphones or earphones is something you probably never do but trust us, you want to.

Inside those buds are some real nasties. E.Coli and Salmonella both love hanging out in there. Plus, just think of all the gunk nestled away. Take a look in there now and tell us you aren’t repulsed.

Luckily, it’s really simple to clean it all out. If you want to do a decent job of it, grab our headphone cleaning kit. Use the code EARWAX for money off at the checkout.

Step 1:

Dampen a cloth with some gentle cleaning fluid (the one in our kit is ideal). Use it to wipe around the headphones/ear buds and make sure you clean away what you can from the opening (the bit where the sound actually comes out).

Step 2:

Loosen the ear wax (yuk) with the a crevice scraper (we designed one to work perfectly in our kit). Even if it looks clean in there, give it a scrape. You’ll be amazed.

Step 3:

Suck out the rest. Now, you’ve got options. You could use a straw and your mouth. Risky. Or, be sensible and grab the USB mini vacuum in our kit. We know which idea we prefer….

That’s it! Done. Your headphones are more hygienic, your music might sound louder and clearer and you can chill out with your tunes knowing there aren’t any poo particles (yes, really) in there anymore.