Being a great photographer means taking care of your equipment. Follow this guide to how to clean your camera and lens, then snap away knowing there’s nothing to stand in the way of your and that perfect shot.

Step 1:

Use specialist lens cleaner fluid (there’s plenty in our kit) and a tissue that won’t leave small particles behind (guess what, they’re in the kit as well) to wipe the glass. Do it in a circular motion from the centre, working your way outwards.

Step 2:

Use a dust brush pen (like the one in the kit) to finish off the edges of the lens.

Step 3:

Use a small air blower (guess what… there’s one in the kit) to remove any fluff or residue. DO NOT blow on it instead. Tiny water particles will get onto the glass of the lens - so you may as well not have bothered.


There you go. Your lens will be perfectly clear and ready to go. Who knows, the next picture you take could grace the covers of magazines across the globe...