How To Choose Gifts For Men | Men's Society

We've been doing this men's gifting lark for quite some time. In fact, beneath the stereotypical British modesty, we like to think we're experts at it. 

Strap yourself in, gift finding friend. We're going on a whistle-stop tour of gifts men want.

First things first: price.

Before you do anything else, you need to decide how much you want to spend? Buying for a guy who loves golf? Fabulous. You could buy him a completely new set of golf clubs for £600. Or you could go for the Golfer's Essentials Kit at a far more affordable £25.

Not sure how much to spend? Here's some rules of thumb to get you started:

  Birthday Christmas Wedding
Immediate relative £25 £20 £150
Distant relative £15 £10 £50
Partner £50 £50 -
Partner's family £25 £20 £150
Colleague £10 £5 £25

Next, pick a theme.

Once you know how much you're spending, you need to look at what you're spending it on. The fact you're even reading this means you know not to go down the "bottle of something from the booze aisle at Tesco" route. That's bad. Very bad, indeed.

You're buying a gift. It's supposed to show that you care about the person and know them well enough to be able to select an item that they would enjoy but wouldn't ordinarily buy for themselves. A bottle of something boozy doesn't just demonstrate a lack of imagination, it shows that you've missed the point of gifting altogether.

Take some time to think about what they like. If you don't know them overly well, do a bit of covert digging and search through their likes on Facebook. For example, if they like a nice drink to end the day; surprise them with some whiskey stones, rather than just buying them a bottle of something. They will appreciate the thought and obviously the stones can be used in any drink - not just whiskey. 

If they're really into sport, you could go for something like the Sportsman Recovery Kit, or a keen traveller might find great use for these nifty expanding face towels.

Finally, ask yourself this question:

Will anybody else buy him this?

If the answer is "maybe", move on. Find something else.