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How To Avoid DOMS (Sore Muscles) After A Workout

Ever woken up the morning after a workout feeling like you've been hit by a truck which immediately burst into flames and sent you burning and screaming over the edge of a cliff? That morning after leg day feeling when you're faced with a flight of steps and resign yourself to the impending agony. We've all been there. It's sore. But there is another way. Grab on of these Sportsman Recovery Kits and give this article a quick read.

DOMS Avoidance Strategy #1: Caffeine

Enjoy a pre-workout drink that's packed with caffeine. It'll fill your muscles with that extra bit of energy. That means you can exercise a bit harder and your muscles are less likely to be damaged in the process. It's not a fool-proof tactic but if anything helps, we'll take it.

DOMS Avoidance Strategy #2: Stretch

It sounds a bit like a school PE lesson. "Make sure you do your stretches!". It's not cool, we know. But it will help you to avoid a world of pain. Stretch the muscles you'll be focussing on before and after your workout. There's stretching elastic and a stretching guide in this Sportsman Recovery Kit.

This video might help:

DOMS Avoidance Strategy #3: Ice

Brace yourself. This sounds like agony. Ever see long distance runners getting into baths of ice? They do that to help the body repair the micro tears in the muscles that are caused by exercise. They're not as scary as it sounds it's completely natural and you'd probably never know you had them. But when you push your body super hard (like in a marathon or a monster gym session), they get bad. The ice bath helps that.

Pro tip: Don't use actual ice (unless you plan to film it for Instagram), cold water will be fine. Also, never do it alone. Wear some trunks (the effects of cold water can be slightly embarrassing) and have a friend in the room with you.

DOMS Avoidance Strategy #4: Treat yourself

A little luxury like this Sportsman Recovery Kit is great - both physically and psychologically.