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How Much Water Should I Put In My Whiskey?

The traditional way to drink whiskey is not to shoot it straight. Some people do, and that's fine. But adding a bit of water to your tipple opens up the flavour - making it creamier and easier to drink. Some people find that the burning associated with peaty varieries is aleviated by just a few drops.

So how much water should you use? That's personal choice. Many connoisseurs say that three drops in an average sized drink is enough to open up the flavour. Others argue that bourbon is robust enough to withstand a 1:1 ration (that's 50% whiskey and 50% water). The good news: you get to experiment until you find the perfect measure for you.

Ice In Your Whiskey

A surprisingly controversial topic. A lot of serious drinkers decry the use of ice in their spirit on two counts. Firstly, they say that the cold numbs the flavour and secondly, it removes the ability to control the dilution of your drink.

Assuming you like your drink chilled (most do) but you don't want to lose control of what's in your glass, you should try using whiskey stones like these. Not only are they classy and useful - they're also a traditional way to enjoy your drink. Click here to see our favourite set of whiskey stones.