Gifts for Men: Great Ideas for that Special Male Someone – Men's Society

Do you know what every man wants? If you do then you should bottle that genius and sell it! This isn’t about what great men have as gift ideas, no this is about what ideas make great gifts for men. Does that make sense? Well if it doesn’t we’re in more trouble than originally thought.

Everyone is different, and men too are different. What suits one may well not suit another, and nobody knows this better than the men themselves. However, men often don’t share their feelings very well and so the rest of us are just left guessing. On occasions an engraved hip flask may hit the spot if that man plays golf, likes whiskey, and gets a lift to the course. Then again, what if his favourite tipple is something different, maybe not even a spirit, what then. Well the engraved hip flask can go out of the window. Not literally we hope.

Here we look to offer a little guidance and hopefully through reading and even following it, it may improve your chances of coming up with a great men’s gift idea. That said, it is probably wise at this stage to keep a hold of the sales receipt, just in case…

So where to start?


Learn to understand what fires the man up before you start to think about gifts. Simple men may not appreciate over exuberant gifts and spendthrifts may not like obvious expense, so the more you get to know the man, the more your start to narrow down on the gifts that will suit.

Tech Savvy

Gifts for men who like their tech change as tech changes, so it can be hard to come up with something unique but enduring. Rather than the tech itself, perhaps think of the associated products, like the carry case for the laptop – he may not have thought of a case, but he’ll need one; or an enduring wireless speaker that will pair up with any device, even ones he hasn’t got yet. Also think retro tech, what about the record players that can cope with both vinyl and streamed music, whilst the possibilities are endless, look in areas that won’t be out of date before the gift is even opened, and accessories are a great way of doing this.


They say that fashion changes, but style is enduring. So rather than buying the latest pair of trainers, instead, think of items that are longer lasting, such as a quality overcoat or jacket that transcends the latest fashions but remains stylish and wearable. If the man in question likes clothes, and fashion, think again of accessories, a good watch is timeless (if you forgive the pun), practical and makes a statement. Sure you can look at your phone, but why would you, plus it is rude when out with others. A great watch though, demands to be viewed.


Does he cook, or simply like to eat, does he like a short drink or prefer a cocktail. If his pleasure is in eating, don’t send him on a cookery course, he’ll be wondering what the underlying message is. Likewise is food prep’ is his thing, then maybe a good cook book, or a quality set of knives. Things that will be used, and enjoyed, compliment his lifestyle, appreciated and welcomed.

For the cocktail loving man, rather than a kit, perhaps a tour of a distillery and lessons in mixology, then the kit. For the simple man who likes a nip, maybe that engraved hip flask, together with his favourite tipple to fill it. The engraving can be personalised, but remember, if passed around, others may read it.

The Traveller

If someone spends a lot of time on the road or in the air, then think what about suitable cases, or clothing, like stylish shoes that are comfortable and practical – ie can be taken off in security without too much fuss.

If they like to travel by their own means, then plan a trip or adventure holiday, noting that some prefer hands on whilst others to be guided.


Be honest, some men love to shop, and when they do they want a bag that doesn’t cost 10 pence, or worse, look like it cost less. A quality, reusable, stylish bag will be both practical and rewarding, a true bonus.


A true book fan won’t want a kindle, they want pages and ink. There are subscription services that send tailored reading lists monthly to avid fiction fans.

For the thinker, a great handsome notebook and pen to keep a journal of their own thoughts, for no other reason than they like to do so.

Last Resort

Socks, everyone needs them right….

You may think that there are no ideal gifts for men, or even worse that there are no ideal men who deserve gifts, heaven forbid. However you are looking at the picture all wrong. This isn’t about the individual gift, but the individual man, if you already know them well enough, with a little thought and effort, you can find that great gift; and, if you do not yet know them well enough, well use the search for the ideal gift, to get to know them that little bit better. Either way is a win for you and them, and that’s simply what gifting is all about. So take your time, apply a little thought and logic, and if all else fails, jump in both feet first (and keep that receipt), or buy socks…