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You love your dad, right? Of course you do. He can be a bit of a pain, he's far too stuck in his ways and taking him out in public is a one-way trip to Cringeville. But, you love him all the same - and you really want to buy him a gift that he'll love. Luckily, we've got your back!

Here are your options:
      1. Have a read through this gift guide and pick him something nice.
      2. Head straight to the Gifts For Dads edit and pick him something from there.

Dapper Daddy Shoe Polish Kit

Got a super swanky dad? If he's more "suited and booted" than "jeans and a hoodie" then this is definitely for him.

The polish in this kit is specially designed to work on any smooth shoe surface and any colour. No more stressing out because he can't find the exact shade of polish for the particular shoes he needs to wear with that day's suit.

The brush in the kit is super fancy - it's got a side for every part of the shoe.

Got dirt in the tread? No problem, use the sole scraping side.

Dust in the lace eyelets? Fear not, use the rubber bristles.

Leather picked up a load of mud? Nil problemo, use the hard bristle side.

Price: £20

Super Dad Recovery Kit

It's hard work being a dad!

All that shouting about lights being left on. Chasing people up the stairs for wearing their shoes indoors. Pacing by the front door when his daughter is late home from a hot date. It's exhausting. Show him you appreciate all that dedication.

This kit is the ideal way for him to get some me time. Run him a nice hot bath, pour in a generous helping of bath oil and then take the fluffiest towel you can find and hand it on the radiator in the bathroom. Trust us, he will love you for it.

Now, there is the danger of him becoming a bit of a pre-madonna from all that attention. This can easily be avoided by hammering on the bathroom door after a few minutes and yelling "you're not the only person in this house that needs the bathroom, you know!"

Price: £25

My Dad Rocks Whiskey Stones

Any whisky connoseur understands the deeply rooted history between liqour and cold rocks.

In the 15th century, Scots discovered the beautiful intricacies of fermenting malted grains. Scotch whisky was born. In order to keep their drinks cool, Scotsmen broke chippings from volcanic rock, cooled beneath the peat of the highlands and placed them into their tipple.

The whisky stones contained in this kit allow any whisky lover to keep this tradition alive. We also included two whisky tumblers, coasters and a notebook and pencil to record the subtle flavours of their favourite drink.

These stones are made of natural soapstone. Despite its dubious name, soapstone doesn't taste of anything or smell of anything. It's also great at staying cold, so he can use his stones for a few drinks in a row before they need to go back into the freezer.

Price: £15