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Type gifts for men into Google and you'll see it's a minefield of present ideas. There are literally two hundred and fifteen million web pages that want you to buy their stuff. The choice gets a bit too much.

So, we've done some sifting. By that, we mean we've spent a long time going through a lot of stuff to find the perfect gifts for any man. Whether it's your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or just the guy that always gets on your bus, this guide has got him covered.

Men who love a drink

The easiest men to buy for are the drinkers. For them, there are two types of perfect gifts. Ones which can be sipped, chugged or shotted or ones which can help them to sip, chug or shoot.

So, a quick look around the world of drinks gifts for men showed up a lot of tat. We sifted out the beer google straws (because no boozer wants to put THAT much effort into sucking the drink from their glass!). We discarded the shot glass chess games (we've yet to meet anybody who's actually finished a chess-based drinking game) and we completely side-stepped the whole home brew beer kit movement (who wants to wait months until they can enjoy a nice cold beverage?).

So, here we have our selection of the perfect gifts for men who like a tipple.

Men who love to look good

It's not about vanity, it's about standards. To him, how he looks is just as important as how he acts. First impressions are all-important and with him, they're unforgettable.

Every hair is groomed and trimmed, every outfit carefully selected and every inch of skin moisturised and cared for.

Giving him a gift to add to his beauty routine is a dangerous tightrope to walk. He already has his favourite products (that face wash that he swears matches his needs perfectly, the moisturiser that leaves his skin just perfect and the signature aftershave that he wouldn't swap for the world). So we've selected the perfect complimentary gifts. He can use these items to look as good as he feels without having to change any of the items in his perfected grooming routine.

Men who love sport

Whether they're the Sunday Leave Ronaldo or the Freddie Flintoff of the village cricket team, their sport runs in their blood.

There of plenty of ideas around the internet for sporting gifts for men. The thing is, they often already know the equipment they llove.

Take shoes. They know the fit that suits them most. They know the brand they're loyal to and they know what their idols are wearing. They'd much rather pick their boots out themselves.

So, we've been on the trawl. We've sifted through every sporting gift we could find and picked our absolute favourites. There's something here for everyone: the elite sporting pro and the just having a go.

Also, for the purpose of this guide, we've included gym-goers in the category. Sure, picking up heavy things and then putting them down again doesn't take as much skill as scoring from the half way line, but they're bigger than us so we didn't fancy an argument.