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Men's Society is the perfect gift shop for modern men. Our thing is quirky handmade men’s gifts and cosmetics. And when we say handmade, we mean it in the most basic sense of the word. A team of actual human hands in a studio in Norfolk. From initial design, to production, to packaging, to post. It’s all us.

Each and every Men’s Society product starts with us putting pen to paper. A fair bit of debate usually ensues (if only we could share those ideas that end up in the waste paper basket). It’s a very noisy process. Then, we waste no time in kicking it into production. Calling on our network of local suppliers and firing up our in-house cosmetic mix room, those initial sketches don’t take long to come to fruition.

Our inherent skincare geekery means we’re extra fussy with what goes into our cosmetics. So, we only use natural formulas and don’t rest until the texture and fragrances hit the spot.  Honing these recipes is not a quick process. But we’ve never been about fast fashion, transient trends or fly-by-night concepts.

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Gifts For Men

Treat him to one of our award-winning gifts for men. Every one of them is handmade in Britain by our team of gifting experts. They all come with free UK delivery (you can upgrade to next-day delivery if you like) and speedy international delivery as well as help from our dedicated customer service person. She’s called Meg. She’s very helpful.

Since we started in 2012, we have grown a big range of men’s gifts (around 200 at last count) so at the top of the page, you’ll see that they are all organised into handy sections. We call it our life store.

People are forever asking us to choose our favourite Men’s Society gifts. Which is a bit like asking us to choose our favourite child. But some of our most popular presents are the Sneaker Cleaning Kit (which is a favourite among sporty men), Whiskey Cooling Stones (a barware classic) and our Beard Grooming Kit (which has been #1 since year 1). Some of our products can be personalised for free - so you can create completely unique gifts for the man in your life.

If you own a shop or you’re the buyer for one and you are looking for a new range of gifts - you’re in luck! Our handmade gift sets are available for wholesale as well as retail. Click here to find out more about our wholesale gifts. Someone from our team (probably Claire) will send you our snazzy interactive catalogue and price list. No pressure. If you like what you see, you can place an order with your account manager.

Right, that’s enough from us. Go and enjoy our collection of men’s gifts! We’ll stick the kettle on and get started making your order.