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Father's Day gifts for men who love golf

Your dad will have a ball (sorry) with this Golfers Essentials Kit. We can't guarantee he'll hit a hole in one but he'll be the cock of the walk across the putting green.

Here's Why Your Dad Will Love This Golf Kit

Club cleaning fluid:
All that time thrashing around in the rough is hard on the clubs. We've included a bottle of cleaning fluid to keep them at their gleaming best. There's a cloth in there as well to buff them to a perfect shine.

Back rub:
Granted, golf isn't the most exhausting sport. But don't tell your dad that. He's an athlete (in his eyes). Unless his caddy has a qualification in physiotherapy, this back rub could come in very handy.

Handsome hand cream:
So what if they haven't done a hard day's work in his life; your dad's hands are precious. Fight the callouses and blisterers - we wouldn't want them to affect his swing. This hand cream is completely natural.

Colourful tees:
Golfers lose a tee every time they play. Golf courses must be littered with the things. We've included some spares in the kit.