Everything you need to know about whiskey stones — Men's Society

Whiskey stones make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves their spirits.

They're hygienic, reusable, trendy and affordable presents that go brilliantly with most occasions.

We get asked so many questions about them that we decided to club them all together on this handy page. If we still haven't told you everything you need to know... there's a contact form at the bottom. Hopefully you won't need to use it.

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Why use whiskey stones?

Ice cold whiskey is infinitely nicer than luke-warm whiskey. Fact.

Unfortunately, actual ice melts and weakens the taste of your tipple. Not ideal.

Happily, someone had the bright idea of using cold stones instead. They don't melt, they're tasteless and they look awesome. Perfect.

How do whiskey stones work?

Simple. Stick them in the freezer for a while (a few hours will do it) and then pop them in your drink.

How cold do whiskey stones get?

As cold as your freezer! At least as cold as ice. Plus, they stay cold for longer.

What are whiskey stones made of?

This depends which ones you buy. We make ours from Soapstone. We think it's the best option.

Soapstone is tasteless (despite the name) and doesn't absorb the liquid. this means that germs won't be growing inside them.

Are whiskey stones safe and hygienic?

Yes! As long as you wash them.

Are whiskey stones reusable?

Definitely. Just pop them back in the freezer if they start to get back to room temperature.

Do you sell whiskey stones?

As a matter of fact, we do! Have a look at this:

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