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Tattoos have come a long way lately. It wasn't that long ago that people were frequently turned down for jobs for having visible ink - now it's more likely to become a talking point on your first day in the office.

Whilst there will always be the tribal tattoo types, creative masterpieces are the order of the day. With artists and their clients battling for attention on instagram (#InstaTat is the hashtag to watch), the pieces are becoming more stunning than ever.

The big trend at the moment is in dotwork tattoos. They're stunning, intriguing and often draw a lot of attention.

Getting a tattoo? Don't even book the appointment until you've got this.

What is dotwork?

are two answers to this. Answer 1 is simple and answer 2 is much more complicated. Let's start with the simple answer:


Dotwork: A simple explanation.


It's a tattoo that's made up of dots, rather than solid blocks of colour. Up close, you can see the dots. From a distance, they blend into one image.


Dotwork: A more complex explanation.


During the 1960s, the art scene saw enormous revival. At the centre of this was a man called Roy Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein made his name in a niche called pop art, making images using a collection of large and small coloured dots. It's a technique known as half-tone. The style was soon adopted by comic books.

Since then, the principle has been remodelled and played with by thousands of artists. Always keen to be at the forefront of a movement, tattooists started experimenting with the half-tone style on their clients and now the dotwork approach has become a phenomenon in studios across the world. 

How long do dotwork tattoos take?

Think that getting a dotwork tat will mean you spend less time in the chair? Think again.

These pieces usually take longer than they would do if traditional techniques were used. Every single dot has to be carefully placed, individually, by the artist. Any dots out of place could completely ruin the look of the tattoo.

Don't forget, tattoos are normally charged by the amount of time in the chair. This means that dotwork pieces will often be more expensive than the old-school way of doing things. That's worth bearing in mind if you're saving for some work at the moment.

How well do dotwork tattoos age?

This depends on whether you've gone for black or colour. Just like with other tattoos, colour ink fades much quicker than black.

Your dotwork ink should last just as long as any other tattoo.

Here are some examples:

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