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Ahh, Christmas. The season of stress, anxiety, mulled wine (which really isn't that nice, is it?) and frantically searching for a gift he will actually want to receive. Well, we can't help with most of those, but gifts are our thing! In fact, we're so good at it that the gifts we make are sold in luxury and boutique stores across the world.

So the search stops here!

.Pick one of these, hit the "order now" button and relax. Job done. Problem solved. Grab a Prosecco.

Men’s Society’s natural skincare and fragrance range was borne out of a love of botany and modern playful design. We wanted to create cosmetics with purpose, packed with rich active botanicals that enrich and radiate positivity. That are a joy to look at and use.

We make each of our products in small-batches, by hand, in a little village in Norfolk, England. Carefully selecting each ingredient for its potency and effectiveness. We bottle, label and seal each product with love, care and attention and hope that the joy we have in creating each and every product is shared with the individual using it.

Just loosen the tin, lift the lid and delight in the contents. The handmade scents, the bespoke formulas, the sensual bath and body care, all created to enrich and enliven the senses through sight, touch and just a hint of British humour.

Quality and playful functional design are our hallmarks, it is this care and attention to every detail, which makes the Men’s Society range the perfect gift for those looking for a little whimsical luxury.

Whiskey Stones

Any whisky connoseur understands the deeply rooted history between liqour and cold rocks.

In the 15th century, Scots discovered the beautiful intricacies of fermenting malted grains. Scotch whisky was born. In order to keep their drinks cool, Scotsmen broke chippings from volcanic rock, cooled beneath the peat of the highlands and placed them into their tipple.

The whisky stones contained in this kit allow any whisky lover to keep this tradition alive. We also included two whisky tumblers, coasters and a notebook and pencil to record the subtle flavours of their favourite drink.

These stones are made out of soapstone. Despite the name, they don't taste or smell of anything. They're also very good at staying cold, which means he can use the same stones for a few drinks in a row before they need to go back into the freezer.

Price: £15

Damn Handsome Beard Kit

If your man has a beard, there's no better way to tell him that he looks damn fine.

This kit's got everything in it that he needs to get that facial fuzz looking absolutely on point, plus the tin looks great next to the mirror. Win-win.

The Damn Handsome Beard Oil in the kit is always popular. We spend half our time replying to emails from people asking if they can buy the oil on its own. The answer is yes! Click here for the beard oil. It's even in a much larger bottle.

The wax is paraben free and only made out of good stuff. Beeswax and coconut oil to be precise. There's nothing in there that'll flair up senstive skin or make all his facial hair fall out. No nasties.

Price: £25

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