Cheeky gifts for Christmas – Men's Society

Christmas is around the corner, Santa's sack is waiting to be filled and you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend or colleague. You need something a bit funny and cheeky but not so bad that it couldn't be opened with other family members around. Good news, we're great at this kind of thing. We'll have your mate more excited than this boy was about his avocado:

How naff is too naff?

You could go really low brow. Scrotum stress balls, anyone? But that's going to be awkward around the dinner table. Or in front of the boss at the office Secret Santa. There's a handy middle ground like this up yours mug. Hilarious.

So what do we think?

Gifting is our thing. We've had a look through our collection of hand made gifts and these are the ones we think really fit the bill. Click on the one you like the most to find out more.