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Buy mint shoes, get minted

TApple logourns out, those sneakers in your closet could be a better investment* than Apple stocks. While the stiffs on Wall Street are spending their days trading imaginary numbers on a screen, you’re collecting box-fresh sneaks and building a legit portfolio.

Jordan 3 black cementIf you bought Apple stocks in 2011; they were worth 134% more in 2015. Sounds impressive? It is. The shirts on the stock exchange did well. But if you bought a pair of Jordan 3 Black Cements in 2011, they were worth a whopping 162% more in 2015.** You would have actually beaten the stock exchange.

So, here’s our quick guide to investing in footwear:

  • Buy rare. If they’re stacked up in your local sports store, they aren’t ever going to be worth much.
  • Don’t fall for hype. Sure, Jay Z just stepped out in a pair of Nikes but he’ll be in Adidas in a few weeks and that spike will be gone.
  • Think about the legacy. If Durant smashes it in the finals in a neat pair of limited editions, they’re more likely to hold some value than if he had a shocker. History remembers the winners.
  • Collabs go hard. BAPE made their name with some sick collaborations (Pharrell Roadsta’s, anyone?). They cost more but they look sweet and they’re more likely to get remembered.
  • Buy what you can afford to lose. No investment is solid. They could be worth nothing before you know it. Buy what you can afford and if it all goes tits up, at least you’ve got some awesome kicks.
  • Look after your sneakers. We recommend grabbing this.

  • *disclaimer:
    We aren’t financial advisors. This is intended for entertainment purposes. If you lose money investing in shoes, that’s on you - we take no responsibility.