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hip flask

Hip Flask Cocktails - How Gentlemen Get Drunk

You can never be too manly for a cocktail. Granted, a little paper umbrella poking out of the top might cramp your style but a classic Martini? Elegance personified. Now, imagine a refreshing cocktail in a manly hip flask.


How To Get A Second Date (Even If You're Rubbish At Dating)

First dates are stressful! What do you wear? What do you say? Will she look like her Tinder profile? Will she notice that you look nothing like yours?
Let's be honest, the big aim of the first date is to secure a second one. So how do you do that?
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wine drinker

How To Sound Intelligent When You're Drinking Wine

Wine buffs are properly boring people. Normally so up themselves you can barely heard them speak. Everything they drink has "fruity head" and a "full body". Nonesense. It's all rubbish.

dresses like an idiot

You're Probably Wearing Your Suit Wrong (And People Are Judging You For It)

Slipping into your best suit makes you feel like James Bond. There's an air of self assurance, sophistication and success. Bad news: everyone that really matters things you're an idiot.


You Have Been Shaving Wrong Your Entire Life

Shaving is a right of passage for teenage guys all over the world. When you need to shave, you are no longer a boy. You are a man. Sadly, you've probably been doing it wrong since.

Father's Day

What's The Deal With Father's Day?

Father's Day is an unexpected minefield. Your dad won't show any emotion regardless so you'll never know if you did a good job but you don't want to get him a rubbish present because you know he'll hold it against you at some point.