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Beard Grooming Tips

How To Keep Your Beard Looking Smart

There are two types of beard in the world. Amazing, manly, awe-inspiring beards and horrible, matted, nasty looking foliage. Follow these tips to make sure your beard stays on the right side of incredible.

Tip #1: Keep It In Good Shape

We're going to suggest that you get the scissors out. Don't freak out! You haven't got to cut the whole thing off. Just trim the split ends and straddlers. A well rounded beard looks so much better than a frazzled one.

Grab the scissors from your beard grooming kit and just take the edges off. No more than a centimeter. If you can, try and follow the round shape of your jaw.

Tip #2: Keep It Clean

Wash your beard! Honestly. It's hanging there catching food, flies and f--- knows what else. Anything could be nesting in there. Nasty.

Once or twice a week, you really should lather it up. You could even condition it if it needs some extra love.

Tip #2: Oil It Up

Beard oil is seen as optional by some in the facially hirsuit community. Those people are wrong. Beard oil is fantastic. Not just for the hair - it does great things to the skin underneath (which is constantly being irritated by the scratching of your beard).

A good beard oil like this one can mean the difference beween loving your beard and loathing it.

We'll leave you to watch this damn handsome chap: