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What is beard oil? How does it work? And why should you use it?

It started as a hipster accessory but the benefits of beard oil are now felt by men from all walks of life. We've been making it by hand since 2008, so we know more than a little bit about this increasingly popular element of the gentleman's grooming routine.

What is beard oil?

Think of beard oil as the easiest way to keep your beard looking full and healthy. It's ideal for keeping the hair strong and thick, whilst moisturisng and protecting the skin beneath.

Tools of Men say:

"Beard oil is one of the most essential products that any beardsman can own. Given its awesome blend of carrier and essential oils, beard oil can make your beard go from looking just “meh” to unbelievably good."

What is beard oil made from?

Different brands are made from different things but essentially, the good ones are made from two kinds of ingredients: carriers and essential oils.


These are the workhorses of the beard oil world. They're the main ingredients in the oil. Typically, it's things like almond oil, jojoba oil and and coconut oil. They're selected for their moisturusing properties and the fact they require very little processing - meaning the product can remain as natural as possible.

Essential oils

You've heard of these. They smell great and they all have their own specific properties. In beard oils, they're chosen for two main reasons - their affect on skin and their scent. If, for example, you're looking to make a calm scented beard oil that gentle on sensitive skin, you might choose lavender oil.

Frequently asked questions about beard oil:

Is your facial hair anything other than completely smooth? Beard oil is for you.


It's not just great for your actual beard hair, it's also amazing at moisturising and protecting the skin underneath. Short stubble is spikey, rough and highly irritating to the skin underneath. Add to that, the fact that you probably keep scratching at it and rubbing it, and it's a recipe for dry and irritated skin. Or worse; skin flakes.

Applying beard oil twice a day will help to reduce all of those problems. And it smells great.

No, not at all. See the answer above. Plus, he'll be really pleased that you've decided to support him.

No, don't be put off by the name. It absorbs into the hair and skin very quickly - it won't look oily or greasy at all.

Not much. Beard balm is a bit thicker and has vegetable fats in it (not as disgusting as it sounds). Balms are a bit trickier to apply than oils. And if you don't rub them in properly, you look like you accidentally dipped your beard in a tub of Vaseline. But we certainly wouldn't discourage using them.

Great, so how do I buy it?