Design and Craftsmanship

At Men's Society, we're passionate about achieving quality through superior design and expert craftsmanship. But none of our products are complete without a good dollop of British humour and a little twist to make you smile.

In 2012 we started as little British design house creating unique men's grooming products, each hand made, each using the finest ingredients to make our now loved and recognised formula's.  We've changed a lot in the last five years, from a small flat in London to a warehouse in Norfolk, we're a growing team of tea-swigging, mac toting hipsters in the middle of the country-side and we love it.

We make everything

Each and every one of our kits are made in our warehouse, in Britain, by hand.  Each label is stuck, each bottle is tightened, each box is folded by one of our amazing team. There is a lot of time, love and thought that goes into each and every one of our kits and we are really very proud of that. 

It's the details that matter

Our formulas are are packed with botanicals because they are amazing ingredients.  We harness the power of nature, by cold-pressing plants and layering their effects to make beautifully complex and potent products that work and smell divine. True, it's not rocket science but it isn't easy either - and trust me, when you get it right - boy does it feel good.

And just incase you're wondering we don't, nor would we ever, test on animals.

Stocking Men's Society

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We also do hotel room amenities, provide retail consultancy, retail fittings and product design.  (We like to keep busy).

We love to natter - and are always open to new ideas and partnerships  - so please email us even if it's just to say 'howdy' :

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